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Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


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Title of the Programme Good Governance
General information
Programme grant 5 000 000 EUR
Programme co-financing 882 353 EUR
Funded from EEA Grants 2014 - 2021
Programme operator

Ministry of Finance

Contact persons

Preparation and Coordination Unit
Mr. Petr Sulženko
Tel: + 420 257 042 556

Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
Mr. Petr Zlesák
Tel.: + 420 257 044 572

Central Finance and Contracts Unit
Ms. Jana Kocmatová
Tel.: + 420 257 042 750

Programme partner Council of Europe (CoE)
Donor programme partner  
Objective of the programme Integrity and accountability of public administration improved
Programme area Good Governance, Accountable Institutions, Transparency
General information

The Good Governance Programme aims to improve in an integrated way the effectiveness and transparency of public administration in the Czech Republic through a multi-layered effort to review and reform its components, based on international methodologies and best practices.        

Annual Programme Report

Executive Summary_2020:  APR-CZ-Good Governance-2020-executive summary (.PDF, 127 kB)

Executive Summary_2021: APR_CZ_GOOD GOVERNANCE_2021 (.PDF, 115 kB)