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Programm Project Region
Culture AndroMedia National coverage
Culture ART30.2. Prague
Culture Artivism - a chance for better coexistence National coverage
Culture Authors Reading Month - guest of honour Iceland National coverage
Culture Authors' Reading Month - guest of honour Norway National coverage
Culture Be Part! National coverage
Culture Bohemian Perfection: a platform strenghtening individuals and institutions of traditional crafts, supporting their interdisciplinary cooperation and networking in applied design and tourism National coverage
Culture Capacity Building of Audiovisual and Contemporary Art Festivals and Institutions National coverage
Culture Capacity development of Czech literary translators’ organizations Prague
Culture Cartography of (Eco)systems I RurArtMap and Perpedian Map: Black Edition South Bohemian Region, South Moravian Region, Moravian-Silesian Region, Olomouc Region, Ústí nad Labem Region, Liberec Region, Pardubice Region, Plzeň Region, Central Bohemian Region, Vysočina Region, Hradec Králové Region, Zlín Region, Karlovy Vary Region
Culture Center and Periphery: Cultural Deserts in Eastern Europe Prague
Culture Center for Arts and Ecology UMPRUM Prague
Culture Centre for Innovation and Refinement of Audio-Visual Environment (CIRAE) National coverage
Culture Centre of Dialogue – Rescue and Rehabilitation of Arnold Villa South Moravian Region
Culture Church of Our Lady in Grunta - Saving of Rural Site Central Bohemian Region
Culture Circus networks National coverage
Culture Circus Village Czechia National coverage
Culture Cities National coverage
Culture Community garden of Capuchin monastery in Opočno Hradec Králové Region
Culture Concept Art Orchestra & Helge Sunde: Music for Lights and Shadows National coverage
Culture Connected by Glass! Liberec Region
Culture Cooperation of Cultural Houses: Studio ALTA, Baerum Kulturhus, Black Box Theatre National coverage
Culture Creating a new interactive exhibition of the Antonín Dvořák Birth House Museum in Nelahozeves Central Bohemian Region
Culture CriticLab National coverage
Culture Culture Break Borders National coverage
Culture Czech Association of Independent Theatres: Professional Organisation with International Dimension Prague
Culture Czech Children's Book Centre Prague
Culture Czech Cultural Network NOVA SIT National coverage
Culture Dance and Performing Arts Criticism in Europe National coverage
Culture Development Program for Cultural and Creative Industries National coverage
Culture Education in Theatre: support and advancement of Theatre Audience Development in Czech Republic National coverage
Culture Enhancement of the association of music clubs and its integration into the ecosystem of music National coverage
Culture Establishment of the current structure of The Association of Professional Theatres in the Czech Republic in the context of the transformation of live performance sector due to the coronavirus pandemic National coverage
Culture Fórum Krásná práce – a platform for strengthening individuals and institutions in the field of traditional crafts, supporting their networking, and developing interdisciplinary cooperation National coverage
Culture FAUN - Festival of Actual Music and Sound-Art National coverage
Culture Fences Removal Ústí nad Labem Region
Culture Fire Protection and Security of the National Open Air Museum Collection Zlín Region
Culture From Eliška Krásnohorská to Jiřina Šiklová: In the footsteps of female education Prague
Culture GENDAL´IPEN - Reflection National coverage
Culture HLASkontaBAS OCTET performs compositions by contemporary authors National coverage
Culture HORTUS MUSICALIS BROUMOV - residencies, cultural exchange, community Hradec Králové Region
Culture ICANA - The Influence of Czech Animation on Norwegian Animation Works and vice versa – exhibition, workshops, lectures Prague
Culture iLi Lab of literary criticism Prague
Culture iLiPodcast. Today’s literature as a way to understanding the world, to tolerance and respect National coverage
Culture In – Composition for sixth-tone harmonium and development and application of educational Prague
Culture INCUBATOR FOR CRITICS National coverage
Culture Innovative use of the cultural heritage of the Trinitarian monastery in Zašová Zlín Region
Culture Iron smelter Barbora revitalization in Jince Central Bohemian Region
Culture Káznice LIVE! South Moravian Region
Culture Landscapes of the Future National coverage
Culture Let´s explore, feel and enjoy forest at Castel in Kostelec nad Černými lesy Central Bohemian Region
Culture Lety u Písku. Memorial to the Holocaust of the Roma and Sinti in Bohemia South Bohemian Region
Culture Loaded - Open. Digitisation, Accessibility and Educational Use of Art Collections in Memory Institutions National coverage
Culture Mapping the Needs of Professional DJs and Musicians in the Remix Culture and Enhancing Their Qualifications National coverage
Culture Media and documentary 2.0 National coverage
Culture Memory of Nations Institutes - The new platform for deeply impressive artistic mediation of personal destinies on the background of the turbulent 20th century history using the latest interactive information and communication technologies National coverage
Culture MILL ISLAND Pardubice Region
Culture Modern use of the Borotín Baroque Court South Bohemian Region
Culture Moetivi Caravan / Expedition home National coverage
Culture Music platform AlterEcho as a connecting space for artist community, public and education of young people National coverage
Culture My Brother the Messiah Prague
Culture Online Hero National coverage
Culture Organ restoration and revitalization of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Bučovice South Moravian Region
Culture Other Knowledge. International research and exhibition program of Gallery MeetFactory with focus on non-normative learning Prague
Culture Platform for Enhanced Cooperation of Music Clubs National coverage
Culture Platform for Singing National coverage
Culture Platform of small publishers and indepedent booksellers Knihex National coverage
Culture PLAY IBSEN! Theatre Play with Accompanying Programme Prague
Culture Ponava Radio National coverage
Culture Postpandemic strategy of development and professionalization of Czech cinemas National coverage
Culture Prague Music Performance 2022–2023 National coverage
Culture Professionalization of the uMENIM (changes through art) platform National coverage
Culture Provocative Theatre National coverage
Culture Realm of Healing Sounds National coverage
Culture Reconstruction and revitalization of the castle in Lipová Ústí nad Labem Region
Culture Reconstruction of the fortress Mladějovice South Bohemian Region
Culture Regeneration: An Interdisciplinary Project in the Field of Contemporary Art and Artistic Research National coverage
Culture Rehabilitation of St. Ignatius Church in Jihlava and its Opening to the Public Vysočina Region
Culture Renewal of the Petipsy Château Ústí nad Labem Region
Culture Restoration of the Masaryk Square 21 house, Jihlava Vysočina Region
Culture Revitalization and innovative use of the cultural monument Lemberk granary Liberec Region
Culture Revitalization of the historic Liechtenstein brewery, restoration of original technology and opening of a unique brewery museum and archive in Kostelec nad Černými lesy Central Bohemian Region
Culture Revitalization of the synagogue in Budyně nad Ohří Ústí nad Labem Region
Culture Robo Pop - sci-fi theatre National coverage
Culture Searching the Lost Identity Liberec Region
Culture Secrets in the Attic National coverage
Culture So sillent till... Prague
Culture Strengthening interdisciplinary cooperation for development and innovation in the field of museum education National coverage
Culture Strengthening of film/audiovisual education in Czech Republic National coverage
Culture Strengthening of the platform Czech Music Community Prague
Culture Strengthening the capacities and professionalisation of DCEF services National coverage
Culture Strengthening the capacity of the Association of Roma Music Artists in the Czech Republic National coverage
Culture Synapse Again Prague
Culture TANUM - communication platform of the Association of Dance Artists of the Czech Republic with the professional public and with representatives of state administration National coverage
Culture The Belohrad granary revitalization Hradec Králové Region
Culture The Brewery Dalešice - a place of meeting, exploring and reviving traditions and crafts Vysočina Region
Culture The Czech Republic Libraries Association - Strategic Partner of Libraries in the Czech Republic National coverage
Culture THE ELEMENTS - theatre, workshops, lectures - reflecting the state of soul via arts Prague, Moravian-Silesian Region, Liberec Region, Central Bohemian Region
Culture The Farm KRENOVKA in the Prague City Part Žižkov - New Centre for Contemporary Art and Community Prague
Culture The Moon stone National coverage
Culture The Rainstick National coverage
Culture The Wise Fool Podcast - TALKS National coverage
Culture The World of Romani in the Work of Painter Míla Doleželová – Exhibition and Education through Culture Programme of the Central European Centre for Cultural Heritage in Telč Vysočina Region
Culture Theatre of the Oppressed - Empowerment through Culture Prague
Culture Those Who Speak for Themselves National coverage
Culture Tower of Babel, Literature of Ethnic Minorities in the Czech Republic and in Norway 2021/23 National coverage
Culture Transfer of Experience and Development of the Contemporary Circus Cultural Genre in the Czech Republic, Iceland and Norway Moravian-Silesian Region
Culture Tumor Polyamor National coverage
Culture Universal design – exploring the potential and engagement of the new generation in the creative industries Zlín Region
Culture Virtual model of the Main Building of the Municipal Library of Prague: a modern online experience and knowledge space National coverage
Culture Vision for Dance National coverage
Culture Woods Prague, Pardubice Region
Culture Y: SHARED ENVIRONMENTS Praha-Kutná Hora / Oslo-Bergen National coverage
Culture Zikmund's villa - gateway to the world Zlín Region
Environment ADAPTAN II – Integrated approaches of the Moravian-Silesian Region landscape to climate change adaptation Moravian-Silesian Region
Environment Adaptation and mitigation strategy for the city of Olomouc Olomouc Region
Environment Adaptation strategies to climate change in Prague 12 Prague
Environment Adaptation Strategy Dub nad Moravou Olomouc Region
Environment Adaptation strategy for climate change of the statutory city of Karviná Moravian-Silesian Region
Environment Adaptation strategy for Liberec Liberec Region
Environment Adaptation strategy for Slavkov u Brna South Moravian Region
Environment Adaptation Strategy for the Statutory City of Hradec Králové Hradec Králové Region
Environment Adaptation Strategy of Březina for Climate Change South Moravian Region
Environment Adaptation Strategy of Kostelecko Microregion for Climate Change Olomouc Region
Environment Adaptation Strategy of Litovel for Climate Change Olomouc Region
Environment Adaptation Strategy of MAS Horní Pomoraví for Climate Change Olomouc Region
Environment Adaptation Strategy of Moravany, Ostopovice and Nebovidy for Climate Change South Moravian Region
Environment Adaptation Strategy of Region Podluží for Climate Change South Moravian Region
Environment Adaptation Strategy of Statutory City of Jihlava Vysočina Region
Environment Adaptation strategy of the City of Frydek-Mistek Moravian-Silesian Region
Environment Adaptation strategy of the city of Přerov for climate change for the period 2021-2030 Olomouc Region
Environment Adaptation strategy of the Pardubice Region - priority areas East Pardubice Region
Environment Adaptation Strategy of the Voluntary Union of Municipalities Clean Southeast for Climate Change South Moravian Region
Environment Adaptation strategy of Vsetin city Zlín Region
Environment Adaptation strategy on climate change for Region of Kuřimsko South Moravian Region
Environment Adaptation strategy on climate change for Šlapanice South Moravian Region
Environment Adaptation strategy to climate change town of Mělník Central Bohemian Region
Environment Adapting the city to climate change - strategy for efficient water management South Bohemian Region
Environment Adaptive strategy for adapting to climatic changes of the town of Týnec nad Sázavou Central Bohemian Region
Environment Better cities for life - selected adaptation projects and sharing experiences Moravian-Silesian Region
Environment Brownfield park U Vody Prague
Environment Central bird pond and marginal ponds in Josefov Meadows Hradec Králové Region
Environment Climate-adaptation strategy for area MAS Via rustica Vysočina Region
Environment Detailed monitoring of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in connection with the specification of PZKO zone Southeast CZ06Z 2020+ South Moravian Region, Vysočina Region
Environment Development of Adaptation strategy for the forests of Mendel university in Brno South Moravian Region
Environment Green infrastructure in Ostrava-Radvanice and Bartovice - phase B Moravian-Silesian Region
Environment i-AIRP's Identification of causes of air pollution at the Czech Polish border Moravian-Silesian Region
Environment Identification of the main causes of air pollution in the North Bohemian brown coal basin Ústí nad Labem Region
Environment Implementation of measures to improve the habitats of Red list species in the Middle Pojihlaví area South Moravian Region
Environment Implementation of the adaptation strategy of the Pardubice region Pardubice Region
Environment Influence of traffic on air pollution on the TEN-T route Ústí nad Labem – Mělník – Zdiby Ústí nad Labem Region, Central Bohemian Region
Environment Kosteliska - Restoration of Alluvial Habitats South Moravian Region
Environment Making adaptation strategy in Úštěk city Olomouc Region
Environment Management of habitats with black grouse occurence in Doupovské Mts. Area Central Bohemian Region
Environment Monitoring and measurements to improve air quality in the city of Brno South Moravian Region
Environment New wetlands and ponds as places for biodiversity in the Liberec region 2021 - 2024 Liberec Region
Environment Periurban park - a tool to climate adaptation Prague
Environment Protection and nesting support of the Barn owl (Tyto alba) in central, northern and southern Bohemia National coverage
Environment Protection and nesting support of the Barn owl (Tyto alba) in south Moravia South Moravian Region
Environment Protection of the Eurasian Hoopoe (Upupa epops) in South Moravia South Moravian Region
Environment Regional Air Action Plan Moravian-Silesian Region
Environment REPLACE - Green in place of concrete Moravian-Silesian Region
Environment Restoration management of the sites of high environmental value in the municipalities of Roztoky and Únětice Central Bohemian Region
Environment Restoration of meadow habitats in the Liberec region with a focus on supporting the biodiverstiy of selected plant species from the red lists of the Czech Republic - 2021 - 2023 Liberec Region
Environment Restoration of secondary grasslands and heaths as endangered habitats and habitats of endangered species of plants and animals in the ORP Litomyšl Pardubice Region
Environment Restoration of the tree line in the sidewalk of Jahnova Street, Pardubice Pardubice Region
Environment Safe breeding sites for Saker Falcon in the farmland of the Czech Republic National coverage
Environment Save the Little Owl National coverage
Environment Steppes of Beroun Central Bohemian Region
Environment Support for biodiversity of steppe localities through land trusts National coverage
Environment Support for endangered serpentines species and Peri-Alpidic serpentine pine forests in the Borovsko region - implementation of new methods, methodology development, awareness raising Central Bohemian Region
Environment Support for endangered species of epiphytic lichens in fruit plantations National coverage
Environment Support for the occurrence of red yew in the Liberec region Liberec Region
Environment Support of biodiversity of forest localitites through land trusts National coverage
Environment Support of biodiversity of wetland localities through land trusts National coverage
Environment Targeted support for endangered butterfly species based on a combination of flexible habitat management and evalutation of detailed biological data Prague
Environment The Adaptation Strategy the city of Vysoké Mýto Pardubice Region
Environment The Climatic Change - Adaptation Strategy of the Domanín Municipality South Bohemian Region
Environment The Hartecká Path - extension of the population of the severely endangered amphibians and reptiles Pardubice Region
Environment The Podlipansko region strategy for adaption on to climate changes Central Bohemian Region
Environment Village Square Heřmanice, K Návsi Street Moravian-Silesian Region
Environment Programme Adaptation strategies for climate change in the town of Havířov Moravian-Silesian Region
Good Governance "PART-NET" - PARTicipation and NETworking National coverage
Good Governance Deepening of the professional qualification of the law enforcement authorities in the field of the fight against National coverage
Good Governance Development of the public involvement in decision-making processes and public consultations in the city of Jihlava Vysočina Region
Good Governance Evaluation of the public administration performance in the Czech Republic and recommendations for the further strategic development National coverage
Good Governance Improvement of preconditions for decentralisation and availability of public administration in the territory National coverage
Good Governance Open government Zdiby and Koridor D8 Central Bohemian Region
Good Governance Public involvement in city development National coverage
Good Governance Strengthening public financial management and control National coverage
Good Governance Strengthening the Fight against Corruption by Increasing General Awareness of the Public Sector Focusing on Judges, Prosecutors and Public Administration National coverage
Health A strong and supportive network National coverage
Health Be together Liberec Region
Health Child and adolescent mental health team in Kutná Hora, municipality with extended competence: founding, pilot operation and multidisciplinary programme National coverage
Health Child Talks+ – preventive intervention for children of parents with mental health problems Prague
Health Czech ILCO - YES, WE CAN! National coverage
Health Development and Implementation of a Pilot Community-based Prevention Programme, with Emphasis on the Risk Behaviour of Children and Youth National coverage
Health Early support - strengthening children and youth mental health through early support South Moravian Region
Health Educational and Therapeutic Centre in GUH Prague Prague
Health Educational Centre for Rare Diseases National coverage
Health Establishment and development of the National Association of Patient Organizations (NAPO) National coverage
Health Establishment and sustainable operation of the Alliance of Diabetes Patients of the Czech Republic National coverage
Health For Healing Souls National coverage
Health Identification of traumatized children and stopping domestic violence Prague
Health Improvement of targeted prevention and early diagnostics in specific communicable and non-communicable diseases in selected socially excluded localities with Romani communities National coverage
Health Improving the level of care for patients with SMA in healthcare facilities and expanding the services of the patient organization National coverage
Health Let-s help better National coverage
Health Let-s help them live and die at home National coverage
Health Living with dementia - the improving awareness of the risks, symptoms, early detection, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer-s and other types of dementia Moravian-Silesian Region, Olomouc Region
Health Mental Health Care of Children Born Preterm Prague
Health Monitoring and improving child and adolescent mental health National coverage
Health Patient hub Prague
Health Positive parenting program Czech Republic „Triple P“ National coverage
Health Practical training and procedures for managing crisis situations in care of children and adolescents with mental disorders in Bohnice psychiatric hospital Prague
Health Pregnancy without psychosocial stress - the earliest prevention of mental disorders and toxic stress in children National coverage
Health Prevention of antimicrobial resistence National coverage
Health Primary prevention of mental disorders in children during young adolescence National coverage
Health Professionalization and restructuring of PARENT PROJECT National coverage
Health Professionalization of CEREBRUM-s activities leading to the education of both general and expert public and to an increase in the level of care for people after acquired brain damage Prague
Health Professionalization of the Young MS patients society, registered association National coverage
Health Promoting mental resilience and mental health through the prevention of sedentary behavior and the healthy use of digital media in preschool children National coverage
Health Promotion of the Mental Health of Children and Adolescents through Implementation of Comprehensive Educational Programmes for Social-Emotional Learning and Prevention of Violence National coverage
Health Recommended Procedures for the Diagnostics and Treatment of the Alzheimer Disease and other Cognitive Disorders National coverage
Health Relax yourself National coverage
Health Saste Roma - Improving Health in Excluded Localities National coverage
Health Stabilization and professionalization of the association Revma Liga Czech Republic National coverage
Health Strengthening the competencies of pedagogical staff of schools and school counseling instution, including children and adolescent in the field of mental health care through the education and the development of psychosocial skills Hradec Králové Region
Health Studio 27 presents the patient movement of peers National coverage
Health Systematic support of mental health in adolescence Plzeň Region
Health The Support of the Timely Diagnostics and the Informal Care Provided to the People with Dementia Through the Central Bohemia Region Central Bohemian Region
Health Transfer of knowledge and experience between partner MS societies, networking Prague
Health Using Family Therapy as a Way to solve Eating Disorders Ústí nad Labem Region
Health We want to be there, it is known! Plzeň Region
Home Affairs Cooperation between national Police, international entities and territorial self-government National coverage
Home Affairs Enhanced Police competence in preventing and combating crime, strengthening communication skills with public and awareness of human rights Prague
Home Affairs Improved utility of data within police information system Prague
Home Affairs Increasing Regional competencies in Media Literacy Education in the Czech Republic National coverage
Home Affairs Media education through libraries National coverage
Home Affairs Media literacy interactively and for all National coverage
Home Affairs Modernisation of Police Training Centre National coverage
Home Affairs OWIS – Media-educational Activation Program for Students and Educators with Intergenerational Overlap National coverage
Human Rights Agatha Center South Bohemian Region
Human Rights All together South Bohemian Region
Human Rights Center for Victims of Domestic Violence in Most National coverage
Human Rights Center for Victims of Sexual Violence National coverage
Human Rights Centers for children in Chomutov, Jirkov, Duchcov and Janov Ústí nad Labem Region
Human Rights Centre of Roma and Sinti in Prague Prague
Human Rights Confronting Obstetric Violence National coverage
Human Rights Creating system for quantitative data collection to evaluate the situation of Roma in the Czech society National coverage
Human Rights Developing the Roma Civil Society Together Prague
Human Rights Dialogue for mutual understanding National coverage
Human Rights Digital age and threats to human rights National coverage
Human Rights Džas dureder - leasure time learning and education motivation in Krasna Lipa and Sluknov National coverage
Human Rights Education for improving human rights situation of people with mental disorder National coverage
Human Rights Enhanced capacities and methodological support in prevention of domestic and gender-based violence National coverage
Human Rights Family teaches family Plzeň Region
Human Rights Fulfillment of the Bangkok Rules in the Czech Republic: a way to support the human rights of imprisoned and released women National coverage
Human Rights Hanušovice common Olomouc Region
Human Rights Housing Loss Prevention and Housing Support South Moravian Region
Human Rights Improvement of access to justice for vulnerable groups National coverage
Human Rights Improvement of perpetrators treatment and victims support in cases of domestic and gender-based violence in the Czech Republic Prague
Human Rights Increasing the school success of young Roma from socially excluded localities in the city of Brno South Moravian Region
Human Rights Kamas te phirel andre school bije dar or We want to go to school without worries Pardubice Region
Human Rights Libuše 2024 Ústí nad Labem Region
Human Rights Life stories for human rights National coverage
Human Rights Motivation For Education From Kindergarten To High School - Support For Children and Parents South Bohemian Region
Human Rights Not with you! - 2022 or Prevention of violence against people working in the sex business and mapping of their needs National coverage
Human Rights OWIS - Teaching about human rights using audiovisual tools National coverage
Human Rights Place for All - Building a Space for Mutual Coexistence National coverage
Human Rights Platform for the improvement of Roma integration in the Plzen Plzeň Region
Human Rights Promoting Human Rights in the Digital Era: Raising awareness and professional standards in journalism about the impact of modern technologies on human rights National coverage
Human Rights Protecting human rights in a polarised society National coverage
Human Rights Research centre for domestic and gender-based violence (ReCeGe) National coverage
Human Rights RESLIPEN – Success Through Education For Roma Children South Moravian Region
Human Rights Roma leaders - the drivers of change National coverage
Human Rights Roma Platforms in the Regions of Jablonec and Frýdlant / We are going further! Liberec Region
Human Rights ROSALIN Center for comprehensive crisis support to victims of domestic and gender based violence National coverage
Human Rights Strengthening the Public Defender of Rights’ activities in human rights protection (Towards establishing NHRI in the Czech Republic) National coverage
Human Rights Support of the Roma Minority in the Prague 3 Municipality Prague
Human Rights The Awareness Raising on the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and other international human rights obligations of the Czech Republic National coverage
Human Rights Together for change - a common reflection on promoting the rights of people with disabilities National coverage
Human Rights Towards Mutual Understanding Moravian-Silesian Region
Human Rights Velké Hamry - afterschool activities and motivational holiday programs for Romany children National coverage
Human Rights Voice against Violence National coverage
Human Rights We are in this together - Sam andre peha! National coverage
Justice Back to life National coverage
Justice Common Education System – strengthening cooperation in the criminal justice and social system National coverage
Justice Providing drug-addict prisoners with systematic and continual care while serving and beyond discharge National coverage
Justice Strengthening the rehabilitation of prisoners through treatment National coverage
Justice Supporting Hands of Mentor National coverage
Justice To Freedom with a Mentor National coverage
Justice VOL Mentorink National coverage
Justice With a Mentor through Rubikon: Implementation of the Mentoring Program National coverage
Research Advanced hybrid organic-inorganic nanofibers for CO2 capture and photocatalysis Prague
Research Application of traditional knowledge to halt biodiversity loss in woodlands Prague
Research CO2 Storage Pilot in a Carbonate Reservoir Prague
Research Development of standardized culture, transplantation and banking of RPE cells for treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) Central Bohemian Region
Research Drinking WAter Readiness for the Future South Bohemian Region
Research Efficient Low-energy Electron Cancer Therapy with Terbium-161 Prague
Research Fast and sensitive bioanalysis using micromachined electrospray interfaces with μ-scale separations South Moravian Region
Research Forest functions in the past, present and future - what can society expect from forests under climate change? South Moravian Region
Research Healthy berries in a changing climate: development of new biotechnological procedures for virus diagnostics, vector studies, elimination and safe preservation of strawberry and raspberry South Bohemian Region
Research Inherently Flexible Aerogels for energy effiCient structurES Liberec Region
Research Low-temperature 3D Printing of Bio-Functionalized Ceramic Bone Implants with Adjustable Mechanical Properties South Moravian Region
Research Management of forest genetic resources under climate change Prague
Research Nanoremediation of contaminated soils: Technology implementation with respect to ecotoxicological aspects Prague
Research NAtural Seismicity as a Prospecting and MONitoring tool for geothermal energy extraction Prague
Research NORDTRANS - Technology for automatic speech transcription in selected Nordic languages Prague
Research Novel Routes for cost effective Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants Moravian-Silesian Region
Research Optimised expanders for small-scale distributed energy systems Prague
Research Regional hydrogen trains on Czech railways Central Bohemian Region
Research Research and development of an innovative corrosion resistant coating for bipolar plates for energy conversion devices Prague
Research Targeted and Improved Alzheimer's Disease Drug Development Hradec Králové Region
Research The establishment of advanced cell therapy for the treatment of limbal stem cell deficiency in the Czech Republic Prague
Research The fate and future of carbon in forests Prague
Research Transplant Immunology Decision Support System Prague
Research Turbulent-resolving urban modeling of air quality and thermal comfort Prague
Research Validation of specific mitophagy biomarkers across Alzheimer's disease continuum Prague